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It's easy. If you see a celebrity, take a photo! Take video. Take lots. Use your camera, use your phone, even your webcam. It's the age of the citizen journalist, the people paparazzi is here. TitoMedia can manage and sell your candid celebrity images to magazines, newspapers, and TV around the world.

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The age of the people paparazzi is here. There are four billion mobile phones in the world today with cameras and everyone has a camera.
TitoMedia leads the the way in selling the public's images to websites, magazines, newspapers and TV around the world. Some of the recent scoops include –

Hi-5 star Kellie in crisis - $60,000
Delta Goodrem kissing Brian - $18,000
Candice Falzon kissing Walliams - $17,500
Jennifer Hawkins and Jake - $5,000
Nicole Kidman pregnant - $$$$$$$

And its very easy too. Anyone can email pictures from their cell phone or computer, email them to TitoMedia within minutes and we’ll sell it for you.